Understanding Simulation Terms

This tutorial provides a brief and simple explanation of the terms that you need be familiar with in order to use and understand basic Structural Analysis. The terms are explained in clear English with no math involved. Understanding basic terms like Constraint, Forces, Pressures, Displacements, and Stresses will allow you to effectively use simulation to improve your understanding of how structural performance is affected by design changes.

Understanding the Simulation Streamlined Process

This tutorial walks you through the straightforward process for evaluating structural performance of your design. The steps in the Simulation Streamlined process are explained in clear language with illustrations of what to expect as you go through the process. Understanding the Simulation Streamlined process will enable you to effectively use structural analysis to understand your design's structural performance.

Collaborating on Design Projects

This tutorial walks you through the process for evaluating collaborating on design projects to enable team creation and review of analysis Cases. Learn how a Project Owner can invite other users of SimForDesign to their project.